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The Filling Station water vending machine is a marvel of compared to any other type of water vending machines. Its leading edge and innovative technology means premium quality water is available at fraction of the cost. Filling Station system and processes has been proven to be the most highly efficient and cost effective method.
What Is Filling Station?
Have you ever thought how many people are willing to purchase processed water from a vending machine? Well, the answer is plenty of people! Would you like to be a part of this billion dollar industry? If your answer is 'yes', read on...
We are the sole manufacturer and distributor of Filling Station; an innovative and most advanced water vending machine available in the market today. The machine is carefully designed and incorporates the latest technological developments to offer premium quality machines capable of vending OXYGENATED and PI WATER respectively with options of vending ice-cold and normal temperature water. It is supplied with an eleven stage of water filtration and a state of the art GSM Modem enabling easy access and management of machines.

Filling Station is an efficient, reliable and an economical water vending machine. Backed by our international reputation for reliability, it is in regular use by millions of people all over the world. It offers superb premium oxygenated and PI water with quality of factory bottled water minus the cost. And with our unique after-sales service contract you are assured lasting operations at the peak of efficiency.

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Do you know over 65% of our bodies are comprised of bodily liquid? Therefore, the quality of water consume plays an important role in maintaining good health. Ordinary tap water (processed water from municipal plants) contains chemicals and heavy metals that damages cellular tissues in our bodies.

However, technological advancement has allowed us to manage this condition more efficiently. Quality water processor units are readily available for home users. But then again, how many people can afford these expensive units?

Holistic Benefits
Drinking PI Water regularly increases the body immunity. Processed PI Water is very similar to bodily liquid and characteristics. The purified and activated water with smaller clusters possesses a function of protecting cells from various stimulants. In a way, it naturally eliminates negative substance in our body system and possesses self-healing power.

Gourmet Wonder
As any chef would agree, good water is an essential part in preparing any food. True processed PI Water brings out the true taste of ingredients while still keeping food fresh. Colors of vegetables always stay fresh and bright with less seasoning required cooking soup.

Beauty Water
Normal water contains harmful chlorines which get inside your body causing dry skin and damaged hair. Processed PI Water is chlorine free! It's very effective in treating dry skin and dermatitis. It's no wonder modern skincare and haircare products contain PI Water as a main ingredient.